October 5, 2020

Why Hire a Videographer?

Weddings are profoundly important and meaningful celebrations.

You are making a vow to love and be with one another. Your big day of celebration includes family and friends that matter the most to you.

Events such as these deserve an equally valued film to cherish those memories.

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Cinematographer:

Reason One: Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event

Couples spend hundreds of hours planning every detail. When the big day arrives it can feel like it flies by. 

Still photos, while obviously important, are only able to share one instance of a memory at a time. A wedding film, in contrast, shares the story of your wedding in sound and motion.

Choosing to hire a videographer is a way to capture all those details and timelessly preserve them in a way that a photograph alone cannot.

Reason Two: cinematography + professional editing

Wedding videography has come a long way. It all started with large camcorders, bright lights, with unsteady and continuous footage. It was the sign of a true friends or most gracious of family members that would sit through hours of footage with you.

Thankfully times have changed. With each advancement of cameras the ability to tell compelling stories of a couples big day has improved.

Trinity Wedding Cinema is all about handcrafting wedding films. We are storytellers and we work tirelessly to capture the emotions and beautiful details of your day. Its our goal to film your day in a way that reflects you, so that when we edit together your film it is meaningful, timeless and enjoyable to watch.

Aside from our style of shooting, each piece of equipment was carefully selected to allows us capture the moment with out altering it.

Reason Three: select a cinematographer

So this reason may sound off. But what we are trying to say here is selected a dedicated cinematographer. Not a company that offers photo and video. Or a company that offers photo, video, DJ, and basket weaving etc.

By hiring a cinematographer that focuses on JUST cinematography you are hiring someone that is truly passionate about what they do. An expert in their own field. While there are some similarities between photography and cinematography, the two are far more different than they are alike. Its a bit like hiring your florist to make your cake.

Want to hear a little told secret? Most companies that offer both photography and cinematography outsource one of the services. Thats because in most cases the second service is an “add on” to the original. For example a photographer that decided to offer video, or a cinematographer that decided to add photo. The added service is not their original passion, not what they know best, and so they have to hire out. This also means you will likely never meet the cinematographer until your wedding day.

Reason Four: See what you missed

Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, and by hiring Trinity Wedding Cinema we will be there to capture the sweet and entertaining moments you may miss. A wedding film makes it possible to see moments you may have really wanted to, but didn’t get an opportunity to on the day. We’ve got it covered!

Reason Five: Sharing the big day

With a film from Trinity Wedding Cinema you will be able to share the fun and excitement of your wedding with friends and family. They will be able to see and hear the fun, and relive it with you. We are also firm believers that the films we create are not just for today, but also for the generations that may follow.