September 29, 2020

Should my wedding be filmed in 4k?

Your wedding film from Trinity Wedding Cinema is something you will cherish for many years to come. So when asking yourself this question consider the future because TV’s are only getting bigger. Believe it or not a 19 inch TV was once considered a “big screen tv”. Chances are you are not considering hiring a videographer that uses a VHS camcorder. Couples marrying when VHS was the only option were of course happy to have that technology available to them for their wedding film. VHS standards playback leaves something to be desired. As TV’s continue to grow in size and technology advances, we believe a 4K wedding film is the way to go.

So TV’s are getting bigger, why does 4 matter? In the simplest terms, the larger the TV the more an image is getting “stretched” to fit that TV.  Once the TV size crosses 40 inches the benefit the added resolution offered by 4k becomes ever more apparent. Naturally as the size of the screen increases, the benefits of 4k increase with it. So all of that to say we believe in the benefit of 4k for our couples. We would love for every couple to get their film in 4k so it is some we proudly offer as an Enhancement.